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The Implications of the NIS Directive

Delivery: classroom // Duration: 1 day

The EU directive on the security of Networks and Information Systems (known as the NIS Directive) is having a major impact on working practices. Network and information systems and the essential services they support play a vital role in society, from ensuring the supply of electricity and water, to the provision of healthcare and passenger and freight transport. Their reliability and security are essential to everyday activities. There is therefore a need to improve the security of network and information systems across the EU, with a focus on essential services which if disrupted, could potentially cause significant damage to the economy, society and individuals' welfare.

This 1 day facilitated workshop is intended as a starting point for senior managers and executives to understand the NIS directive and the implications it has on their organization. Through lectures and range of practical exercises, you will come to understand how NIS impacts upon your organization and create a road map to develop compliance with NIS. Through the day you will have expert guidance and help from y cyber security expert who will be on hand to facilitate.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of the NIS Directive and the implications it has on their organization

  • Know how to establish their organizations' level of current NIS compliance

  • Use a gap analysis tool to determine a prioritised plan to become NIS compliant

  • Be able to assess how your Airport’s governance frameworks can be tailored to assist with NIS compliance

  • Have an understanding of  how information assurance mechanisms can demonstrate NIS compliance


Course Content 

Module 1: Introduction to NIS

Module 2: NIS Objective A and supporting principles

Module 3: NIS Objective B and supporting principles

Module 4: NIS Objective C and supporting principles

Module 5: NIS Objective D and supporting principles

Module 6: NIS Cyber Assessment Framework

Module 7: Workshop Session - applying the principles to your organization

Module 8: End of Session Summary


Target Audience

This workshop is aimed at senior executive and managers of organizations who will be affected the NIS directive.


Pre-requisite for Course Registration

There are no pre-requisite requirements for this course.



A GCHQ Certified Training Certificate.


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