Our vision is to provide the Next Generation an immersive Training facility for the education of first class IT Security experts for different industries including but not limited to the ones with special requirements such as the Aviation Industrie. Combining our forces and knowledge to provide a unique environment where the experts of tomorrow can learn in realistic scenarios and prepare for future challenges.

Our values

  • Innovation

  • Knowledge

  • Partnership

ACI Accredited Training Institute (ATI)

The InfoSec-Hub Training Facility is an ACI Accredited Training Institute (ATI). As such, ISH is part of a network of airport training units that offer performance-based, up-to-date courses and other learning activities accredited by ACI that meet international standards for quality in workplace learning.


  • Events

    First class IT Security events for the aviation industry and others.

  • Trainings

    Practical IT-Security trainings. From experts for the experts of tomorrow.

  • Aviation ISH Congress

    Yearly IT-Security Conference, trainings & socializing with likely minded people.

  • Cyber Simulation Range

    Complete attack and defense infrastructur for trainings. Learn in a fully equipped SoC and couterfight real attacks. Most of our trainings utilize the CSR. (coming soon)

  • Training Subscriptions

    Get trained for your job and benefit for regular included update trainings.

  • Social events and challenges

    our events and trainings take place in an environment that invites to socialize with likely minded people.