ISH Conference 2019
ISH Conference will take place from May 06 - 09, 2019.
The main conference will take place May 06th - 07th, 2019. It will expose CISO’s and Cyber Defense Managers to the latest trends in technology, threats and defense presented by the world’s leading experts.  This two-day event will cover the regulatory environment, the technological trends in the infrastructure we want to protect, the threats we are facing as well as the latest insights in prevention, detection and response.
After the main conference you can also select sessions from two-days of IT security trainings and workshops. The topics are hands-on and practical, providing you the tools and information to immediately benefit in your working environment. Our experts are ready to help you succeed in IT, OT, and providing security awareness to members of your team. In addition, we will be offering two summits on the 3rd day, covering Incident Response, Cloud & Dev Ops.
You can pick and choose from the agenda to select the items that are the most relevant to you, including participating in the main conference and sending your collaborators to the technical sessions in the following days.
The ISH, with its modular design, offers top-class technical equipment & infrastructure, a broad scope of services and the possibility to use the infrastructure for bespoke events.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to our ISH Conference in May, 2019.
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