Utilize and enjoy the most fascinating, modern and versatile training and event facility, conveniently located at the Munich Airport
The modular design, top-class technical equipment & infrastructure, a broad scope of service providers and the possibility to configure the optimal combination of rooms make the ISH the ideal location for your event:
  • Individual IT-Trainings in one of the most advanced and immersive environments
  • Company/employee and customer events & parties at a fascinating, easy to reach location
  • Conferences and off-site meetings/workshops with top-of-the-line presentation technology
  • Product presentations with enough space to present nearly everything in an outstanding way - from new software solutions to new cars
ISH Campus is a broad array of different locations for every IT training scenario.


Control Center SG-20180130-0055-2_sRGB_LowRes
Testing and training area for IT security and technologies such as control of CCTV or defense of cyber attacks. Highly adaptable to different systems and scenarios.


Think Tank
For creative problem solving in teams. A space for trainings, workshops and airport simulations with all essential IT systems.


Red team versus blue team. During IT Security trainings in our tower, simulated cyber attacks give trainees real hands-on experience in defense. Possibility to manipulate all audio-visual stimuli across the location.



2018_09_11_TechData_ISH0103Executive Briefing Center
Central meeting room up to 50 participants. Latest presentation and meeting technology which allows a multi-modal adaptation to nearly every scenario.


Training Room "Office IT"
This room is all about office technology and possible security gaps. Availability of the latest, common office devices
for perfect realism.


Training Room & LAB "Operational Technology"
With components of control engineering for topics like Industry 4.0, smart building technology or baggage handling systems.


A stage set with the newest generation of lighting and sound systems, and presentation technology where briefings, research, and innovative talks can be shared.