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Business Continuity Management (based on ISO 22301)

Delivery: classroom // Duration: 2 days

This course gives participants an in-depth understanding of the business continuity management systems based on ISO 27001 / 22301 standards.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use methods and techniques to determine protection requirements of business processes and related supporting assets from business perspective

  • Experience best practice examples for BIA/RIA and discuss different approaches with experts

  • Learn about different risk aspects with regard to availability and the impact of preventive and reactive security measures

  • Raise their knowledge about procedure, typical content and follow-up measures related to Business continuity tests and exercises


Course Content

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Prerequisites for Business Continuity Management

    • Organizational structure

    • Scope definition

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

    • Crucial business processes

    • Dependency of supporting assets

  • Risk Impact Analysis (RIA)

    • Relevant threats and vulnerabilities

    • Likelihood and resulting risks

  • Preventive actions

    • Risk treatment plan

    • Selection of preventive measures

  • Preparation activities

    • Documentation and processes

    • Organizational framework conditions

    • Facilities and equipment for emergency/crisis reaction

  • Exercise activities

    • Functional tests

    • Plan discussions and reviews

    • Simulations / emergency drills

  • Maintenance activities

    • Review / lessons learned

    • Corrective actions and improvement


Target Audience

Person in charge of

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Information Security Management

  • Information Security Risk Management

  • IT Security Risk Management

  • Process Management (core processes)

  • (internal) Audits


Pre-requisite for Course Registration

  • Recommendation: Completed ISH Information Security Management course with certification ISH ISMS Specialist ISH ISMS Specialist Diploma

  • Participants should have basic knowledge about Business Continuity Management (e.g. according to ISO 22301) and Information Security Management (e.g. according to ISO 27001)


Certification: ISH Business Continuity Manager Diploma

The ISH Business Continuity Manager Diploma provides participants with a broad and detailed understanding of implementing and maintaining of the business continuity management systems based on the international understanding ISO 27001 / 22301 standards.


How to get to the ISH Campus?

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Are events and trainings in English or in German?

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